Losing Steam

My little shop is turning one year. It’s really is in infant stage and my products have evolved from using scraps to buying fabrics during vacation trips out of the country. Losing your drive to sew is a problem considering that the holidays is just around the corner.

My dolls are even getting upset that I have not started on them. It took a whole month just to sew 14 dolls parts together. 14 naked dolls sit in a plastic box waiting for my grand plans to come to life.

Losing steam is part of the process in any start up business, yes, but it’s death to a Craft business. As I am literally required to make my things from scratch. After a recent trip to Japan, I was so pumped up with all the fabrics and tapes i bought. I was even pumped when I bought quality yarns from yarn source manila. And couldn’t stop talking about my yarn hair dolls. But as the days progress they are still just drawings in my head.

The day starts positively thinking of sewing while i leave for work and while at work. When I get home I play with Carlo, read books and put him to bed. By the time this is all done I find it very difficult to pick up a needle and thread. My work station isn’t far or tucked away in our tiny home, in fact it has now replaced our living room. All this to just get me inspired to create. It has not work since then.

The fabrics are tucked in a plastic, the naked dolls are in a plastic under the table, fabric tapes still in its packaging and yarns still looking brand new.

So now even the dolls are upset that it’s taking forever for me to even start.


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