Mongolian doll for a fellow crafter

I get quite nervous when I get custom orders esp. if the request comes from a fellow Crafter only because I am never too sure of they will like what I will make. I for one already gets insecure with pricing, thinking as the buyer and how much I will spend on dolls. However husband always reminds me of the work and time spent on my products and how much they have evolved. So thanks to him I have kept some cash flow into my little business.


Last week a fellow crafter Femi who is the founder and maker of products from Gawa Ni

Femi shop. ( requested for a very specific doll. The doll was for her photographer friend Karen who was going to open her photo exhibit on Nomads. The request was to make a doll similar to the picture on the invite. The picture was of a Mongol child wrapped in lush oriental jacket, creamy yellow bonnet, blue thick scarf and cow hide boots. A very specific custom order indeed.

After breaking in my dusty crochet skills, sewing up a patch work and wrapping yarns I finally made a Mongol doll.

I am happy to report both Femi and the photographer friend Karen loved the doll. Thank god for little elves, multiple cups of brewed coffee and a baby who slept with daddy.


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