Country Affair

Country Dolls for a Country Fair


Hello Country!

The only Rag Dolls left are my flag bearers for the day.

Customize your Doll

The rag dolls with their pet dragon

Do it your self Doll house Kits

Love my new Card Holder. Got this from Artefect

My first doll adopter

Forgive the wordless post as I am frantically sewing for this weekend Advent Fair at my son’s school.

Last saturday I was at Sta. Elna Balik Bukid Fair. It was my 1st fair out side the comforts of Alabama, i had my reservations but in the end had so much fun. It was great to share with people who knew what the dolls were and loved it instantly. I need not explain or had to say much. They also truly appreciated the work put into the dolls.

Some even just stop by to see and ask, some to buy while others insisted I start selling doll clothes for the ones they bought. Even thou I frantically finished my last custom made doll for the day with just my husband’s phone light shining to help me, and hardly had any time to go around. It was so much fun.

I am sun burned and doll less and that’s my kind of saturday.









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