Imhandmade is now a “dot” com!


Cheers to my husband and his wonderful gift. I am now a “dot”com. For someone like me who ain’t so techie this is a big deal. And for my dolls that I only sell thru online this is a huge leap.

Watch out for the site soon. Hopefully soon enough.

and if you search imhandmade I am on top of the google search… I wonder how he did that.

dot com


My First Etsy Sale


My First Etsy sale.  I jumped, pinch myself and gave out a loud yepiee when i received Sydney”s conversation in Etsy. After the initial shock i went right to work on her doll.

Meet Sydney’s doll.  She bought this doll for a child she is sponsoring in my country. Its an animal rag doll which i had to make a new one as the batch i made before was only 4 pcs and all got sold out.

Am still blushing and pinching myself …

Here’s the rest of the doll:




Xmas Wrapper stamped by my little 2 yrs old


In our city their is an ordinance where you only can shop with paper bags. Either you have your own eco bag or the store gives you a paper bag. Since then my paper bags at home have been piling up. Now that’s Christmas is just around the corners and most of my gifts came from Tokyo (hence now wrapper or shop bag in tow) I knew I’ll need something different.



So with my little son in tow we crafted our own wrappers using the paper bags, stamps I made and some washi tapes I got from Hey Kessy. (Washi tapes is from a company in Japan called MT. Washi tapes are basically paper masking tape that is slightly translucent and that gives its unique feature. It comes in a whole lot of prints keeping in mind the minimalist design element that’s very Japanese)


After an after work before dinner activity wa-la we now have wrappers.


I finished off (while the baby now sleeps) the wrapper using my typewritter font stamps for the name of the receiver. Of course I indicated in each bag that Carlo stamped it.

Happy holidays!

Had to do it custom orders


I got a custom order for a rag doll that I just had to make! Its a weeping angel from the Dr. Who series. Dr. Who is a British TV show that thanks to my friends post on Facebook. I got hooked on.

Doctor-Who-Time-of-Angels-Next-Time-17You can read more about them here. (photo credit to

Here it’s not that known, so when I met this girl at the Etsy craft party and she was asking if I can make custom made stuff, I just feel in love with her when she brought up DR. Who. At first she was just thinking of me making the Dr. But when I mentioned the Weeping Angel we bought we like YES.

So the project began like any other but ended up to be on of the most tedious projects I’ve made. Why? well for starters I wasn’t satisfied on just simply using gray cloth. I needed the doll to look a little more solid, stone like but still soft as in the end its still a doll. My solution, wrap the entire body in yarn.


Then there was the case of the wings, I started with cloth which again I didn’t like. In the end I was up until 3am crocheting.


Then the hair. It had to look like a statue hair. But still again its a doll. So I spooled hair and braided, twist and sewn in place.


I now have to tell my self to let go and ship it. I loved this project! I am now hoping someone will ask me to make them another one. 🙂


Custom Made Dollies

Am Glad there are mom’s out there who are want to share handmade toys to their little ones. And to date I’ve met several that has kept my nights, wee hours in between night and day, and weekends busy. Not complaining it’s a happy problem.

I just get so nervous thou when I finish a project and ship the doll. I get nervous they won’t like it.  Not to mention its their Christmas gift for their little princess. I do hope the child goes yehey! instead of “ha? where’s the real gift?”

Here’s what I’ve been making so far.

A yellow dollie for a yellow lady. A specific request of yellow on yellow.




A red purple delight doll with purple booties. Yep Dusted off my crochet skills.


Dusted off my crochet skills


A red hair cutie for a little girl who specifically asked for red yarn.


a bob cut brown hair for a niece of a “Happy” mom who looks like this doll.




A red hair doll for a little girl who deserves a second dollie for patiently waiting for it to be finished.


A re-take. as the mom wanted Long Brown pig tails instead.


Cheers to mom’s who teach their kids handmade! Now back to more sewing!

Doll workshop part 2



Remember last time I taught doll making in Bungalow 300 a little furniture store i so love. About 2 weekends ago I was at Craft MNL Head quarters for my second and last round of doll making workshop. I had fewer students than the previous class so I had enough time really seat down and chat with them. Best of all have a cup of coffee while teaching.



Here are my students and their lovely works 🙂


A world religion teacher from Beacon international School. It was a delight chatting with her.

This mom makes doll. She made this lovely green dress doll. And she just followed the pattern online.



This student wanted an anime doll


She’s a law student who was wanted a funky hair doll. And she was quiet but finished fast.


my afternoon class ladies both wanted red hair. Thank heavens I had more than 2 spools in the basket. Cheers red hair dollies

Look at my students all hard at work making their dolls. Thank you to all of you who spend their Sunday with me.

Getting too Crafty


When my cousin whom I have not seen for  5 years came to visit from down under. All I can think off was to have a crafty afternoon. I called CRAFT MNL to see if they had anything scheduled that day but turned out there was nothing. So with improvised materials in tow. I taught them how to make rubber stamps using erasers instead.

IMAG2496-1So with Mary Grace Sangria drink fueling us and sweet treats we crafted away.

IMAG2509-1They both liked it. And it was a much needed break from all the mall shopping they were doing the past 2 days.


Now, I feel the holiday season esp. after spending time with Family!