Had to do it custom orders


I got a custom order for a rag doll that I just had to make! Its a weeping angel from the Dr. Who series. Dr. Who is a British TV show that thanks to my friends post on Facebook. I got hooked on.

Doctor-Who-Time-of-Angels-Next-Time-17You can read more about them here. http://doctorwhotv.co.uk/development-of-the-weeping-angels-40028.htm (photo credit to http://doctorwhotv.co.uk/development-of-the-weeping-angels-40028.htm)

Here it’s not that known, so when I met this girl at the Etsy craft party and she was asking if I can make custom made stuff, I just feel in love with her when she brought up DR. Who. At first she was just thinking of me making the Dr. But when I mentioned the Weeping Angel we bought we like YES.

So the project began like any other but ended up to be on of the most tedious projects I’ve made. Why? well for starters I wasn’t satisfied on just simply using gray cloth. I needed the doll to look a little more solid, stone like but still soft as in the end its still a doll. My solution, wrap the entire body in yarn.


Then there was the case of the wings, I started with cloth which again I didn’t like. In the end I was up until 3am crocheting.


Then the hair. It had to look like a statue hair. But still again its a doll. So I spooled hair and braided, twist and sewn in place.


I now have to tell my self to let go and ship it. I loved this project! I am now hoping someone will ask me to make them another one. 🙂



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