Xmas Wrapper stamped by my little 2 yrs old


In our city their is an ordinance where you only can shop with paper bags. Either you have your own eco bag or the store gives you a paper bag. Since then my paper bags at home have been piling up. Now that’s Christmas is just around the corners and most of my gifts came from Tokyo (hence now wrapper or shop bag in tow) I knew I’ll need something different.



So with my little son in tow we crafted our own wrappers using the paper bags, stamps I made and some washi tapes I got from Hey Kessy. (Washi tapes is from a company in Japan called MT. Washi tapes are basically paper masking tape that is slightly translucent and that gives its unique feature. It comes in a whole lot of prints keeping in mind the minimalist design element that’s very Japanese)


After an after work before dinner activity wa-la we now have wrappers.


I finished off (while the baby now sleeps) the wrapper using my typewritter font stamps for the name of the receiver. Of course I indicated in each bag that Carlo stamped it.

Happy holidays!


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