HELLO 2013


Before the 2013 kicks into gear allow me to take this time to sit back with an over priced room service coffee and do my business plan for 2013. Yep, Business plan the later part of 2012 made me really think about imhandmade as a business and to start treating it like one. This way I don’t wear my self down while pushing it forward.

As the last days of 2012 rolled into a close. I had some opportunities to get excited with the business and find inspirations even without looking. Inspiration is key  your business is handmade.

Without boring you allow me to share with you my breakdown for Imhandmade for 2013. More or less.

1. The business is only secondary to time with Carlo. I already have a day job that takes me away from him. So I need to find a way to balance my time. Can there be more hours in a day??

The little one at work with mom

The little one at work with mom

2. Taking ques from a newly renovated home of my tita for her Apo. I need to create the workroom/sewing room into a space that Carlo can play in or beside me. So that even if I am sewing away in the weekend it still feels like we are together…. Renovation time 🙂

P1070001 P1070002

3. Don’t procrastinate over things too long…just keep on creating. Taking ques from my dear friend who is behind TAKATAK PROJECT. Her Spring 2013 collection will be ready for selling soon. She worked on them during the holidays. She also did all her branding and collateral already. And yes you can always change things, that’s the beauty of Handmade.P1060988 P1060989 P1060985

4. Take inspiration where you can find it.

P1060903 P1070005 5. Play more with printed fabrics.

P1070038 P10700376. I should not get intimidated and just go out there and do it. I also need to value my work more.

This dolls below are the Adorable collection in Rustan’s. The dolls are beautifully crafted but are also extremely expensive. More like a show piece and not a toy. I need to re-think the over all packaging and look of my dolls and take it to the next level.


Excited yet! AS for me I am. Hopefully my next post will be pictures or the new dolls taking shape.

Must get sewing soon!



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