P is for Planning


After 2012 and all the love i got from everyone who bought the dolls I have decided to only make Waldorf Inspired dolls this year. Yup it’s all dolls dolls dolls. After much thought I am now  using my day job skills into my craft business. Doing my business plan, my production plan and blocking out my sell off months.

Hopefully my next post will be on sourcing and production updates.

I do hope everyone would give my dolls as much love as they did last year. I promise this year they will be awesome as I have listed the collections I will be making. Aside from the basic dolls I will have collections made inspired from books. And the following are Alice in wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Where the wild things are, to name a few.

I’ll also have Mermaids, star baby (dolls for infants), and a boy doll! Sounds exciting? Not to mention my Husband will be helping me re-brand the dolls and packaging. Am so excited! Even more after I plotted out my production plan. At least I won’t be too stressed while sewing.

Catch the grand launching of the new image of Imhandmade and the 1st collections to come out of the sewing room. I will be posting them soon enough ( I hope)

Love lots Mommy Sewer.


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