Doll 101


Had the very first doll workshop for 2013 last Jan 26th, Saturday at Craft MNL. It was organized by the lovely ladies of Craft MNL. The response to the workshop was a surprise as 8 ladies came to learn how to make a waldorf inspired doll. It always amaze me that they would give up their morning or afternoon to sit with me and sew.

Still visually tired from the recent out of country trip with my family I forge thru my ever energetic persona.

I didn’t have to worry long about energy as the students in the morning class were full with extra boost. Esp. the sister who bought taught at ISM (international school of Manila) who were always chatting away with everyone in class including me. I caught myself chatting away rather than teaching, so i would always check my watch and keep the pace going. Like what I always say in the beginning of each class.

” Get to know the person beside you as we will be sewing for hours and you’ll end up bonding with each other” and that is indeed what happened.


The chatty spirited sisters


She works in IT. And IT-Crafter “how cool is that”


She’s a banker! she was the quiet but had perfect sticthes


Dolls taking shape. Only need the eyes


It was meant to be for her husband as a boy doll which turned into looking like her. How cute


The rocker doll and raggidy anne


I love red heads!

One of my students who is a special education teacher got tired of almost 4 hours of sewing and  opted to make a mo-hawk hair. This later turned into a rocker doll. Nikki, craft MNL, gave one of her scrap fabric and it ended being the vest and bandana for this hard rocker. The doll is so cute  that I now have ideas of making a rock series dolls.




Everyone went home happy even after 4 and 1/2 hours of sewing

Being so relaxed in Craft MNL workshop I was taken by surprised that  a journalist from TV5 will be there to cover the events (there was also a book binding workshop facilitated by Nikki Abs on the second floor) and  Daphne (a tv personality and local celebrity) dropped by the shop to snap some photos for her blog. I got horrified for the image of my sando, no make up, tied up hair that got posted in inquirer (a local newspaper) during my first workshop flashed in my mind. But since class was already in full swing I decided to just flash the biggest tired – sleepy smile I had and hope for the best.


Star Struck

The afternoon ladies were also an energetic bunch, esp. when one of them was a childhood playmate. Atty. Vanessa was my cousin’s best friend and since we always slept over during weekends in their house Vanessa became an instant friend . She brought her friend along who was 5weeks pregnant. It was great to be in their company who were as equally chatty.


Atty. Vanessa and her expecting friend



Done for the day! hooray!

Another fun day with the ladies, this surely bets sewing alone in my sewing closet. I am looking forward to the doll making workshop with Mommy Mundo and Craft MNL at Fully booked on Feb. 17 (more details to come thru Craft MNL and Mommy Mundo). I am now getting nervous with all my lined up activities (which all seem to be falling into today) and I haven’t literally started on anything! Not even sourcing materials. All I’ve done so far is spring cleaning not only the workshop but the entire house. And thanks to the earnings from the doll workshop I got to buy myself a red hot comfy chair and a ball pool for the little boy to swim in while mom sews.


Happy Baby with his pool of balls..Now maybe mom can sew without someone wanting more attention


My red hot chair completes my still unused workspace.



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