What happened why am not yet sewing



If your wondering why I am not in full swing. Full swing i mean balancing my day job, time with carlo, sewing and running my doll shop. The answer is that I only started having my vacation the past 2 weeks. Right after New years when the nanny came back from her extended holiday. She got stranded down south due to the typhoons. Upon the nanny’s arrival i was already suffering from bronchitis that only got worst as the work days began.


This was me 5 pills in. I drank another 2 after this picture which I think was like the final straw my body could take

I was popping too many pills that on the day of the wedding,  I drank about 7 different meds (all prescribe of course), that right after the after party I was rushed to the hospital. Thankfully I was already in the car heading back to the city when the attack happened. An hour into the ride back home I was already hallucinating flashing lights, the seven nations song by white stripes was continously playing in the background in my head. Also had severe tremors, my skin was all red and warm plus my heart was racing.

Basically it was a case of Over dose. Try visualizing grey’s anatomy slash hangover with matching I was in my brides maid’s gown fully made up. Since i was alone the driver had no choice but to hold hands with me as I was given a hemlock to flush out the meds thru fast flowing IV. I couldn’t remember anything inbetween.

When i came around the doctor was talking to my husband, apparently they did a blood test and they found no other drug substance. I think they were checking if I was telling the truth they must thought I was trippin’ on something else. I could distinctly remember the doctor asking my husband if all my medicines were prescribe. Of course they were but by different doctors.

Brief back ground, I have a bad back which we are doing therapy for and my Ortho. gives me meds to manage the pain. Then my bronchitis meds was given by a pulmo. The allergy meds by my brother in law. I was already taking the pain meds. double in dose for a week before I took the antibiotics. Then on the day of the wedding my husband that day gave me Solmux. Yes, looking back now it was insane.

It took me a couple of days to recover, I was literally asleep for more than a day.  So after my very own version of hangover/greys anatomy my real vacation with the family begun. You have to remember during the holiday season I was sewing until Dec 23rd.

Vacation started in Tagaytay we tagged along with my sister who invited the little boy to sleep over with them.

Looking fresher and drug free

Looking fresher and drug free

Then there’s the recent HongKong Trip with the entire family which was for the kids bday. This time due to work Husband was not able to come along.


Couldn’t resist not going to this exhibit.


Sensory overload day at DISNEYLAND

Oh and did I mention the kid’s (my son and my sister’s daughter are only 5 days apart) turned 3. We had a small – family only instant party in my sisters house.


Yes this is an instant party. Creep paper and white cartolina for background. Sister took care of all the food. That’s just hotdogs sandwiches.

Wow and it’s still only January no wonder my wallet seems to be thinning out and my energy falling close to zero again.


3 thoughts on “What happened why am not yet sewing

  1. Hi aimee yes you should bring TALA. Let me know where you’ll be staying if in the city i can give you directions on how to get there via Train. Its nice experience pa for the kids. HK Disneyland is much smaller in size compared to other disneyland like Tokyo. But I found it much more child friendly. Because it wont be as trying (but trust me youll be so tired parin) to go around the place.

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