Hi! I am a mom. And just like any mom, I want only the best for my child. But what most of us are forgetting is that the process of giving the best to our child has a larger footprint than we care to know. By creating my products by hand, I keep that footprint smaller and within the confines of my home.

I make quilts, baby blankets, dolls, household linens, pillows and now dollhouses for kids and kids at heart.

Each collection that I put together are unique in their own way – they vary based on the inspirations I get from my life experiences, and the materials that I get from my travels. I am constantly in the process of creating new things, and I will update my listings here each time I have a collection put together.

My own little toddler and his cousin are the first to enjoy the fruits of my labor (my adorable product-testers). It is my hope that with one of my products, I can enrich the life of your child as well.

I AM HANDMADE by Mom aims to enrich the lives of our children by finding the value of handmade, back-to-basic materials to produce items that are an alternative to today’s mostly mass-produced plastic wares.


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