Labor of LOVE


DOLLDALITA sending their love on love day

Labor of Love and that’s how February is turning to be. Labor of love indeed as I struggled to finish 8 dolls for the LRI art Center fair and the kits for the Doll workshop at Fully booked.

Since i closed shop last Dec 23. I haven’t sewn or made any doll heads and it really was a struggle to get back in the stride of things. More so as I was getting distracted with doing the new marketing collateral for Dolldalita, making the new doll heads, plotting out work load for the weeks to come, teaming up with a talent to be the head master (doll head maker), getting excited with creating two new themed doll series, working on the name for the new dolls and opening my new stash ofย  yummy yarns. Plus ordering a bit more!

Nonetheless I survived the week sleepless but dolled up. (sorry for the pun). Even found the time to share doll moments in instagram.


Working on some dainty DOLLDALITA signage

As I had this idea when the year started I had to make them. Actually this week was a good practice for the upcoming events this March and April. I got to figured out how to make the book series and even name them. Also I am officially onesies addicted as the dolls looked too cute with their onesies!


First dolls off the sewing table were MAX from where the wild things are and Peter Pan. Both of which got sold while being made. Thanks to instagram! It made my heart skip a beat that people loved them as much as I did. And I sometimes pinch myself as I can’t believe how adorable the dolls turned out!


MAX where the wild things are


Peter Pan


Madeline needs a hat


My favorite ALICE

Watch out for more BEDTIME STORY BUDDIES as I will be making more of these adorable Dolldalitas.



The dolls now finally have a name.

Special thanks to Alexandra Paredes for the image. It came from a stamp she designed which she allowed me to use as my branding. To my husband who gave his Saturday to design everything else. He understood my concept and found perfect peg for me. To my friends Nikki Abs and Mary Velmonte who after a chat in Facebook helped me with the name play.

I love it. Soon the website will be out.

So lovin’ the new image for the dolls yet?


Imhandmade is now a “dot” com!


Cheers to my husband and his wonderful gift. I am now a “dot”com. For someone like me who ain’t so techie this is a big deal. And for my dolls that I only sell thru online this is a huge leap.

Watch out for the site soon. Hopefully soon enough.

and if you search imhandmade I am on top of the google search… I wonder how he did that.

dot com

My First Etsy Sale


My First Etsy sale.ย  I jumped, pinch myself and gave out a loud yepiee when i received Sydney”s conversation in Etsy. After the initial shock i went right to work on her doll.

Meet Sydney’s doll.ย  She bought this doll for a child she is sponsoring in my country. Its an animal rag doll which i had to make a new one as the batch i made before was only 4 pcs and all got sold out.

Am still blushing and pinching myself …

Here’s the rest of the doll:




Had to do it custom orders


I got a custom order for a rag doll that I just had to make! Its a weeping angel from the Dr. Who series. Dr. Who is a British TV show that thanks to my friends post on Facebook. I got hooked on.

Doctor-Who-Time-of-Angels-Next-Time-17You can read more about them here. (photo credit to

Here it’s not that known, so when I met this girl at the Etsy craft party and she was asking if I can make custom made stuff, I just feel in love with her when she brought up DR. Who. At first she was just thinking of me making the Dr. But when I mentioned the Weeping Angel we bought we like YES.

So the project began like any other but ended up to be on of the most tedious projects I’ve made. Why? well for starters I wasn’t satisfied on just simply using gray cloth. I needed the doll to look a little more solid, stone like but still soft as in the end its still a doll. My solution, wrap the entire body in yarn.


Then there was the case of the wings, I started with cloth which again I didn’t like. In the end I was up until 3am crocheting.


Then the hair. It had to look like a statue hair. But still again its a doll. So I spooled hair and braided, twist and sewn in place.


I now have to tell my self to let go and ship it. I loved this project! I am now hoping someone will ask me to make them another one. ๐Ÿ™‚


Custom Made Dollies

Am Glad there are mom’s out there who are want to share handmade toys to their little ones. And to date I’ve met several that has kept my nights, wee hours in between night and day, and weekends busy. Not complaining it’s a happy problem.

I just get so nervous thou when I finish a project and ship the doll. I get nervous they won’t like it.ย  Not to mention its their Christmas gift for their little princess. I do hope the child goes yehey! instead of “ha? where’s the real gift?”

Here’s what I’ve been making so far.

A yellow dollie for a yellow lady. A specific request of yellow on yellow.




A red purple delight doll with purple booties. Yep Dusted off my crochet skills.


Dusted off my crochet skills


A red hair cutie for a little girl who specifically asked for red yarn.


a bob cut brown hair for a niece of a “Happy” mom who looks like this doll.




A red hair doll for a little girl who deserves a second dollie for patiently waiting for it to be finished.


A re-take. as the mom wanted Long Brown pig tails instead.


Cheers to mom’s who teach their kids handmade! Now back to more sewing!


Sewing instead of Selling

What a weekend! My Craft shop officially started in 10A Alabama and after a year this place has felt like my craft home. I am blessed to be surrounded by other talented people who inspires me.

My Little Craft Shop also turned one. SO i was handing out 100pesos discount to fellow alabamers since I turned 1! It’s wonderful to see how my little craft shop has grown.

Bantings over barangay dolly!

Look I now have a proper sign board

And boy has it grown from Animal Rag dolls –


to Ballerina


and little Japanese in Yukata outfits. Yes, I finally came around to cutting that fabric from Toyko.


Even the dolls from Halloween got some love and all went home to new families.


The response to the Waldorf Inspired dolls were also great. I only had one doll left after. I was amazed thou how people liked the small black hair dolls while i loved loved the Red hair fatties. Maybe it has something to do with perception esp. since am fat. ๐Ÿ™‚



MY LOVE! the red hair fatties.

Also being recognized in the handmade community also made me smile. There were some people who actually went up to me and ask if I was the mommy behind I am handmade by mom. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow!

What I loved most of all was that I was (in the words of my fellow crafter) in the company of dreamers!



This will be my 1st installment of my waldorf inspired doll series for this Holiday season. Don’t they just look adorab

I used Fiber fill and cotton rayon knit because those materials can be locally sourced and its lighter. Plus wool is hard to come by in my country. I followed the basic rule around it where you use materials that is natural.

Dolls are made with Cotton Knit and fiber fill. Hair is made from cotton or worsten weight yrans. All hand sewn with cotton thread. Clothes are made from mix cotton, twill and canvas cloth. All made in my smoke free home.

Now back to sewing some more!

Getting featured

Got some of my products featured on the multiply home page and mailers. That warms the heart.