Doll workshop part 2



Remember last time I taught doll making in Bungalow 300 a little furniture store i so love. About 2 weekends ago I was at Craft MNL Head quarters for my second and last round of doll making workshop. I had fewer students than the previous class so I had enough time really seat down and chat with them. Best of all have a cup of coffee while teaching.



Here are my students and their lovely works 🙂


A world religion teacher from Beacon international School. It was a delight chatting with her.

This mom makes doll. She made this lovely green dress doll. And she just followed the pattern online.



This student wanted an anime doll


She’s a law student who was wanted a funky hair doll. And she was quiet but finished fast.


my afternoon class ladies both wanted red hair. Thank heavens I had more than 2 spools in the basket. Cheers red hair dollies

Look at my students all hard at work making their dolls. Thank you to all of you who spend their Sunday with me.


Country Affair

Country Dolls for a Country Fair


Hello Country!

The only Rag Dolls left are my flag bearers for the day.

Customize your Doll

The rag dolls with their pet dragon

Do it your self Doll house Kits

Love my new Card Holder. Got this from Artefect

My first doll adopter

Forgive the wordless post as I am frantically sewing for this weekend Advent Fair at my son’s school.

Last saturday I was at Sta. Elna Balik Bukid Fair. It was my 1st fair out side the comforts of Alabama, i had my reservations but in the end had so much fun. It was great to share with people who knew what the dolls were and loved it instantly. I need not explain or had to say much. They also truly appreciated the work put into the dolls.

Some even just stop by to see and ask, some to buy while others insisted I start selling doll clothes for the ones they bought. Even thou I frantically finished my last custom made doll for the day with just my husband’s phone light shining to help me, and hardly had any time to go around. It was so much fun.

I am sun burned and doll less and that’s my kind of saturday.









THE YARNS ARE MINE. Had to bring them as a just in case.

Got to attend an ESTY party last Thursday night with my Craft Friend Femi of Gawani Femi. It was super fun to met crafters across the metro who all brought their handmade craft as gifts to everyone.

What we made were decopauge wooden plank. They supplied everything from the wood plank, sponge brush, glue, awesome printed paper and the list goes on…

Being a mom and maker of dollies i gravitated towards the vintage print paper dolls.

Femi and I got in the zone and crafted away. We then realized every one was already eating and doing their exchange gifts while zoned out.


Product of an etsy party. Now officially my signage.


Here’s my friend Femi and her work in progress




Sewing instead of Selling

What a weekend! My Craft shop officially started in 10A Alabama and after a year this place has felt like my craft home. I am blessed to be surrounded by other talented people who inspires me.

My Little Craft Shop also turned one. SO i was handing out 100pesos discount to fellow alabamers since I turned 1! It’s wonderful to see how my little craft shop has grown.

Bantings over barangay dolly!

Look I now have a proper sign board

And boy has it grown from Animal Rag dolls –


to Ballerina


and little Japanese in Yukata outfits. Yes, I finally came around to cutting that fabric from Toyko.


Even the dolls from Halloween got some love and all went home to new families.


The response to the Waldorf Inspired dolls were also great. I only had one doll left after. I was amazed thou how people liked the small black hair dolls while i loved loved the Red hair fatties. Maybe it has something to do with perception esp. since am fat. 🙂



MY LOVE! the red hair fatties.

Also being recognized in the handmade community also made me smile. There were some people who actually went up to me and ask if I was the mommy behind I am handmade by mom. 🙂 Wow!

What I loved most of all was that I was (in the words of my fellow crafter) in the company of dreamers!