Talk About a Crafty Christmas..c/o CRAFT MNL

If i used to idol the women of Craft MNL now they are like rock stars! Imagine they were able to put together an awesome line up of crafting activities around the Metro! Here’s the link of their line up of classes below.

And here’s my bit..


  • Bungalow 300 {No. 7 Buencamino Street, Alabang, Muntinlupa City} Living creative is all about how you design your life.  Bungalow 300 is the perfect space on this side of the Skyway to do just that (design your life and living space, we mean).  Watch out for more regular craft workshops here!
  1. Doll-making (Cute Waldorf-inspired dolls!) {November 18, 2 PM – 5 PM}  Are those kiddie gifts hard to come by? Make a handmade gift for your favorite inaanak! Jaclyn Colmenares-Zapatos of I am Handmade by Mom teaches how to make Waldorf-inspired dolls for your little one’s creative play!  All materials will be provided. Fee is PHP 850.00 inclusive of materials. Up to 10 participants for this session!  Sign up for a slot here!

I just went sewing

For this long holiday that just passed, I don’t have vacation photos to share, a tan to flaunt or a pounds gain from eating. Instead I have needle pricks, an almost cut from scissors, eye bugs, sore arms and an aching back. If you guessed “She must have been sewing” your SO right. I was sewing and sewing and sewing.

The art fair is fast approaching and my goal of making this the holiday of Dolls and doll houses is upon me! As I share with you the images of the dolls made for 10a Alabama art fair for this weekend (Nov. 10-11). I am sewing the rest of the dollies I will need for a country fair I will be joining the week after (Nov. 17).

Some of the dolls are also available at my online shop for those who can’t make any of the fairs. Or wants first dibs.

Fabric Tapes

I always over buy things. esp if you come from a country with so much trinkets. Anyways am unloading some of my supplies.

Fabric tapes

approx. 5 meters long

Check out my facebook page for more details…

Where the Wild Things Are

Despite having NO time at all during the Day off from work, got to squeeze in this little project for the Trick Or Treat Afternoon today. Looking back yesterday afternoon felt longer than usual, thankfully.

I knew not everyone would figure out who we were not even my sister knew. However I was glad I got to make my own version of  Where the wild things are. So here we are,  the wild ones with their own little wild thing. My Son was suppose to be Max, it was unfortunate that he took the off his costume when we took the picture.

Here’s how his Head Piece would have looked like.

At least he wore the crown.


Sneak Peak on the dollhouses

Aren’t you tired of the plastic dolls houses that all bright and filled with gadgets. Well I am, hence the concept my husband and I worked together on and with the help of an industrial designers friend, RJ, who made my design into its 3D form.

The thought behind it is the same as the dolls, simple playable doll houses made from recyclable materials. Using locally produced recycled board and paper prints brought from a recent trip my doll houses are finally here!

The great part of the doll houses is they can collapse for storing.

Since I only have 2 hands, I was only able to make enough for the online shop My (a local Handmade only online store) Here’s a sneak peak of the doll house checkered collection I made for them.

In love with Yarn

Found my inspiration to forge on making my dolls with Yarns. Not the synthetic kind that the mall sells but quality yarns with spools as big as my son’s face yarns. My addiction is supplied by my favorite shop  Yarn Source Manila ( )

The problem is I can’t sew better yet, spool doll hair as fast as I shop for them.

Sewing in progress

What really happens on the sewing table? Well here’s a peek inside mine. My process is getting quite tedious from spooling yarn for hair, layer per layer to making clothes removable. Not to mention trying my best to not get attached to my materials, esp those that came from a recent trip.