I WILL IF YOU WILL for Earth Hour


After seeing the 5th yr ad for the upcoming earth hour it made me think of what I will do if people will do something for the earth hour. I want to challenge myself. Why? its because i join this every year, i turn off my lights, go to the event that supports it, get goosebumps by the support it gets locally then its over. After an hour i really haven’t done much. So i want to commit to something more to make others do the same.

Imhandmade came to life because of my believe for sustainable toys for kids that has low carbon footprint. Hence why this challenge seems to hit me where it counts. earthhour3

I will __________ if_______________. I will ponder on this for a today and announce what Imhandmade will do!

But so far here’s the latest video from Earth Hour. I love that’s  something more exciting and really gets you the feeling of let’s get going!

Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UywrjnOaUE