Upcoming Events

Wow my schedule suddenly got filled! As I look at the calendar I’ll need to be busy sewing every weekend starting this Feb.

February will start start with an Art fair with my bestie Mary of Takatak Project. Who invited me to join her on Feb 16 in this LRI place in makati for an Art fair. From the sound of her voice she is really excited to join this event and need a booth mate. Am joining for my friend. Here’s the details

Feb. 16, from 10am to 7pm at Pavilion 1 &2 of LRI Design Plaza, 210 N. Garcia St, BelAir II, Makati. The theme for this upcoming bazaar is Made with Love: A Valentine’s Arts & Crafts Fair. at the building near alliance


Next I’ll have another doll workshop organized by Craft MNL and Mommy Mundo. It will be a mommy and me doll workshop but of course welcome participants individual participants. This will be on Feb. 17th in Fully Booked in Fort. See details below. You may click this link to join http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F11bErdx&h=YAQHOGn_Y&s=1


By March 16, I’ll be at Art at the Park. I was invited by Resurrections found objects and furniture to join them in their booth. Art at the Park for me is the creme de creme of Art fair as it is a REAL ART FAIR. It is organized by the museum foundation and they invite galleries, art groups, and known or upcoming artist. It’s 90% arts and 10% crafts. I was at awe when I was there last year. I am still at awe and getting nervous about it. Details are below.

art at the park

April will be the busiest as I will have two fairs. The first will be sometime mid April (no details yet) at my craft home 10a Alabama. It’s the annual art fair and I can’t wait to hang out with my craft friends đŸ™‚ After which I’ll be at Sta. Elena for the Summer Fiesta Fair on April 28th.


So the next 4 months is laid out for me. Now I need to get sewin’


Sneak Peak on the dollhouses

Aren’t you tired of the plastic dolls houses that all bright and filled with gadgets. Well I am, hence the concept my husband and I worked together on and with the help of an industrial designers friend, RJ, who made my design into its 3D form.

The thought behind it is the same as the dolls, simple playable doll houses made from recyclable materials. Using locally produced recycled board and paper prints brought from a recent trip my doll houses are finally here!

The great part of the doll houses is they can collapse for storing.

Since I only have 2 hands, I was only able to make enough for the online shop My Marquee.ph (a local Handmade only online store) Here’s a sneak peak of the doll house checkered collection I made for them.